The world’s market …

Today customers expect more. The market place expects more. MASTER FROST delivers more : Quality, Efficiency, Low Cost, energy saving, immediate results, Providing Service and really competitive prices, helping you our valued customers and prospects to penetrate more into the icemakers market.

We thrive on challenges … Simply test us.

Here in MASTER FROST SA we simply care for our customer’s benefit. We have focused on building ’tough’ icemakers, able to work in ambient temperatures of +43Celsius, while in the same time to save energy due our unique functional system.

Customer Protection Mechanism

Master Frost SA policy into selling and establish co-operations in the world has a simple rule… Not to interfere any distributor, customer, partner into each others territory.

We have evolve many procedures into achieving this simple rule …
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Delivery Time

Our company holds the world’s record in delivery times. We are in position to deliver large orders within 1 week, after order validation, without prior notice.

As we constantly upgrade and develop the production line reducing the production times by using new technology machinery we have a target being able to deliver more units in half time…

Master Frost icemaker… The icemaker will eventually buy.


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